Border Theories (2014)

Collaboration project with Hanne Tyrmi
Installation viewfrom the exhibition "The Lost Thing" by Hanne Tyrmi at Haugar Vestfold Art Museum.

What is a house, what is a room, what is the image of a room, the memory of a room? The intertwining of the world and the self is happening mainly through architecture,- cities, houses and rooms. Buildings are structuring experiences - you can not think of an experience without simultaniously imagine the place where it happened.

The architectural theorist Mark Wigley claims that architecture is purely about structure and points out that every structure is full of enigmas and gaps. We percieve a house as a solid structure and we trust its stability. But in reality we are only relating to the surfaces; floor, walls and celing. This is a set of representations relating to the idea of a room, but it isnt the room itself. The room itself excists because of its construction, the underlying structure. And this structure excists of far more gaps and spaces than of solid material. How can we trust in these in-between-spaces and that our idea of the room is real? What can we find in the subconsciousness of architecture?

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