It Cannot be Contained

16mm film transferred to HD video and HD video,
32:05 min 

nie Onstad Kunstsenter
Blood is the body fluid in humans (and other animals) that transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells and metabolic waste products away from the cells. Throughout history, blood has had great concrete and symbolic meaning, - blood is a symbol of the human life force and soul, at the same time it is also a liquid associated with death, violence, and division. Blood pulses through myths, religion, literature, art and science, and is constantly given new meanings and interpretations. Blood is both a life-giving serum, a commodity, a symbol, and a chemical substance, and it is through trying to look at all these meanings in combination that the real meaning of blood emerges.

The film It Cannot Be Contained is tracing some of these meanings by telling a number of stories about blood. Both mythical, historical, political, and scientific stories are interwoven into a poetic-documentary meditation on this substance and its magical and concrete connotations.