La Défense
Film still from La Défense

Cast: Olav Benestad, Melanie Smirou, Sjur Marqvardsen, Solvei Stoutland, Melanie Delpech, Eram Sobhani.
Script: Per Schreiner

16mm film transferred to HD, 16:34 min
Taking its starting point in the district La Défense in Paris - a financial district with modern architecture - the work explores the surrounding architecture's ideological and pragmatic effects in this cityscape. Four different stories with no clear beginning or end are woven together and seeks to visualize the instabilities connected to architecture, finance and relations.

The film was made for the exhibition Shadow of War - Political art in Norway 1914-2014 at Kunstnernes hus in Oslo (NO) 2015, curated by Kari Brantzæg.