Grønland - Makedonien

Cast: Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn
Script: Per Schreiner
The film was commissioned by Henie Onstad kunstsenter for the exhibition Utopia Bærum.e

HD video,
18:00 min
nie Onstad Kunstsenter
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Grønland-Makedonien is a film about bus route 151, which departs from Oslo Bus Terminal, located in the Grønland district of central Oslo. In this area, the demographic changes in our society are visible: a high proportion of immigrants as well as a high population density. From this starting point, the bus wends its way westward through prosperous residential areas in both Oslo and Bærum: Sjølyst, Lysaker, Høvik and Blommenholm, before ending up in the housing estates of Kolsås and Rykkinn in West Bærum. Built as affordable housing in the 1970s, the area is now sometimes referred to as Bærum’s East End. Grønland - Makedonien is a journey through scenes of social, demographic and cultural diversity.

The film’s protagonist is a young woman who, in the absence of anything better to do, catches this bus every day. She tells her story while observing life on the bus: people embarking and disembarking, looking out of the window, being bored, waiting, making mobile phone calls and talking to other passengers. In parallel with this, we see the progress of the bus as it moves through different urban, suburban and rural landscapes, and the changing seasons.