Betwixt and Between

Framed c-prints, different sizes.

From the exhibition Betwixt and Between at Gallery Wang, Oslo.
A series of 24 photographs of people, landscapes, townscapes and housing areas. The photographs document a spatial experience and seek to convey the structures and concepts that surround us in our day-to-day lives. The photographs attempts to decode structures and hidden connections in our environment, dealing with the landscape as a process where both social and subjective identities are constructed.

In what way do we organize our surroundings and how does this effect the way we are living, our patterns of behavior? The city is perceived as a labyrinth with many possible entry points, exits and dead ends with the possibility of multiple choice for those using them. I look at architecture as a social process that shapes and is shaped by public spheres, traffic, housing and life. Urban space is a social product where power structures, differences and coincidences become visible through the dominant narratives