What I Miss About People, and What I Don't Miss About People

16mm film transferred to HD video, 10:51 min

nie Onstad Kunstsenter
What I Miss About People, and What I Don´t Miss About People is a 16 mm film shot on location in a granite quarry. The film is a vision of a future world where all people are gone and where a lone dog describes what she misses and what she does not miss with people. The film actualizes questions connected to post humanity and non-anthropocentric views of the world, giving voice to a non-human. The dog moves around in a deserted rock landscape where she has settled for unknown reasons. This landscape, with small traces of human activity, suggests a disaster that has wiped out all of civilization, while hinting at human exploitation of natural resources as a possible cause of the disaster. However, the dog does not appear to be affected, it talks about extremely prosaic things as it traverses around the quarry.