AgCl (Unexposed Silver Salts)

Silver prints,
80x110 cm

From the exhibition Marte Aas- Film and Photography at The National Museum, Oslo, 2010
AgCl (Unexposed Silver Salts) is a series of photographs of unexposed silver salts photographed through an electron microscope. The materiality and rhythm of these images is referring to a modernist formal language and the letters “AgCl” of the title are the chemical formula of silver chloride, one of the main compounds used in chemical-based, analogue photography.

Just as photographs invite interpretation, its evident that scientific methods also need to be interpreted and explained. In this sense the photographs represent in different ways the same shadings of reality as depictions of the “real world”. By clarifying the material aspect of the photograph, the subject matter of the work related to representation is simultaneously transcended. The photograph alters from being representation to becoming an object.